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” And then you are like, “How do I get her to understand because she always thinks I’m mad? My prayer for you is to have beautiful children raised in a Christian way. But then in my head, whenever I would say what I want, or I would say what I mean, in my head, it would come off as I’m just trying to express exactly what I want. Like when I do say something or when I yeah, when I’m just having a conversation or when I’m stating something, there’s no guessing.

  • Readers who stay the course and reach those later chapters will see an increasingly realistic and relevant focus of cultural studies, and will receive some keen insights into how this field can potentially transform the work we do.
  • The video highlights the very real global threat to our survival as a result of both natural and human-triggered disasters.
  • Another aspect to consider with regard to cross-cultural communication is familiarity with cultural idiosyncrasies.
  • How can AILs help formal leaders connect their cultural aspirations to the day-to-day working life?

There is global agreement that up to 80 per cent of eye disease is avoidable, i.e. preventable or curable. For example, a recent study of blindness in children in Bangladesh shows 68 per cent is avoidable .3 If services concentrate on cure and prevention only, 32 per cent of blind children in Bangladesh are without any support. These children face exclusion from society, health, education and employment and their needs should be addressed alongside any curative programme.

Understanding Cultural Differences in the Workplace Essay

Some elements in a culture will support a specific strategic play, and others will undermine it. In addition to their own cultural contexts, doctors also carry their professional one, the values and priorities acquired during training. This “culture of biomedicine” can result in misunderstandings as profound as those that come about as a result of a patient’s particular background.


NEVER. A translator has gained a level of expertise in the written language, not the oral language, which is the role of the interpreter. Advanced directives like the DNR are the responsibility of the provider. However, you may sight translate as long as the provider is present. Consent forms are also the responsibility of the provider but you may sigh translate as long as the provider is present. The oral rendition of a meet Asian women text written in one language into another language. Medical interpreters are often asked to provide this service spontaneously when they are in their primary role as a medical interpreter.

The cultural diversity of spiritual beliefs can make it impossible for everyone to be friends with each other. But if you understand these differences, you can get along better with them. In different cultures, people have different ways of thinking, values, and ways of looking at the world. For example, in some places, they believe in ghosts, while in others they don’t. We come from different parts of the world and have diverse cultural backgrounds but we’ve found a way to create an environment where we can feel comfortable and fit in.

Thus, we can expect to see people from all walks of life in the workplace. It has become more and more common to work, live, befriend, and even create families with people of diverse background. When you’re doing this, make sure to be respectful and avoid attacking or criticizing others. Instead, focus on understanding their points of view and why they have chosen to act in a particular way. Only then can you develop a constructive dialogue that will help both parties understand each other better. By engaging in these activities, everyone can share and learn from each other, leading to a more cohesive and diverse group. By engaging in this process, you can help foster a positive and respectful atmosphere that will enable group interactions to be productive and effective.

Recognize Individual Differences.

Not all people will respond the same in certain circumstances, largely due to their cultural or ethnic sensitivities. “Evidence reflects that particular styles of and approaches to leadership may not be as successful with all cultural groups” (Aritz & Walker, 2014). Leaders working with either groups or individuals face many challenges today. It’s highly likely that most groups will be made up of individuals from across many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Leadership styles and techniques must be made inclusive of culturally sensitive issues and tendencies. Some people have been taught that being direct and straightforward is the most effective way to solve problems. Straight to the point with little or no deviations in order for all those involved to remain focused on the task at hand.

This means bridging the intercultural gap in customer communication. In schools, educators should also teach students about different cultures and traditions. When a student learns about cultural boundaries, he or she can acquire the cultural competence to understand another culture. In this way, we can also promote better behavior of our future leaders in politics and international business when it comes to dealing with another culture and narrowing the cultural gap between different cultural backgrounds. Alder Koten helps shape organizations through a combination of research, executive search, cultural & leadership assessment, and other talent advisory services.