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How to Write Better Board Decision Papers


Decision documents arm board directors considering the information they need to interpret, form and associated with choices that mould a company’s future. Nonetheless they’re often poorly written, and it can be challenging to ensure they actually the job they’re designed for. In this post, the BoardPro team is exploring what great decision papers look like and how you can make them.

Make sure the newspapers covers the main element aspects of your decision being suggested to the Panel. For instance, this might include a great executive outline which shows the main points and advice in the paper, a clear assertion of goal (information only, discussion or seeking a decision), and specific particulars on the outcome getting sought. This may also be useful to include a simple overview of the setting of the issue – especially for those Panel papers that cover areas that are not a core function or specialization for your company. This can help to cut back duplication of by the Aboard or in the management level, as well as ensuring the most important and relevant aspects of the issue are simply being considered by the Board.

The board traditional should also obviously outline the alternatives or alternatives with regards to consideration by Board, with detailed examination of the positives and negatives of each. It should also include info insights and projections to help the plank understand and interpret the effect of each alternative on the final result staying sought, and also the associated risk/rewards and the costs involved.