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Wedding in Italy: 7 Italian Traditions You Should Know


Also, if you are wondering about how to buy a mail order bride, keep in mind that you can find them on the Italian women dating site. Such platforms are great because they don’t require much effort from you. However, the impressive thing is that no matter how much pasta your Italian mail order bride eats every week, she’ll manage to stay fit and have an amazing body. This trait of Italian mail order women makes other females jealous, but you’ll adore it. Pizza and pasta won’t fail to impress everyone, and Italian mail order brides adore food and everything related to it.

  • As long as you are confident and have a solid foundation for creating a family, an Italian mail order bride will see you in a more favorable light.
  • It is customary for the groom to pay for the bride’s bouquet.
  • At the end of the ceremony, they break a wine glass determine how long the couple will stay happy.
  • Her wedding dress also served as her burial gown and with her dead infant tucked into her arms, the two were laid to rest in a single coffin at Mount Carmel Cemetery.

They spend hours in their favorite restaurants, enjoying delicious meals. Wedding favors are traditionally given out at Italian wedding receptions. Historically, these favors were known as confetti and Bomboniere. In this case, confetti isn’t the shredded paper you may be thinking of, but rather candied almonds.

Italy is one of the most prosperous countries in Europe. Women here are treated with equality and generally do not suffer from harassment, limited education and job opportunities, and other things foreign women often complain about. This is why you shouldn’t think that the mail order brides Italian land has to offer are desperate to move abroad and will date or marry anyone to make it happen. Italian women are some of the biggest romantics among European women. It’s not that they want to date as much as possible or don’t care who to date as long as they are not alone.

Italian women are inventive

If the bride wakes up to the sweet melodies of her loved one, it is an acceptance of the marriage. She lowers down a basket of bread, cheese, prosciutto to mark her acceptance.


Just look at Monica Bellucci to get the typical Italian beauty which is a different Western type. Italian girls always look stylish, and they put effort into their looks. Another distinctive feature is an attitude to family, as Italians always put family above everything else, while other Western women are more career-oriented. Be careful with what you’re talking about, even on the top dating sites. If you meet such a scammer, they won’t ask you for money directly.

Otherwise, you run a high risk of falling victim to con artists. Lots of girls also look for foreign husbands because they know that Western men are kind, responsible, respectful, and caring. Also, living in the United States is a dream of thousands of young and beautiful Italian women for marriage. If you like having small gatherings with friends, you’ll change your perception of this event once you order a bride online from Italy. Your Italian lover will turn usual meetings with friends into fun parties with lots of laughing and amazing moments. In contrast, they want to see your genuine interest in getting to know them better.

While couples may not always practice these customs at modern Italian weddings, many to-be-weds still prioritize making their big day outfit feel special and memorable. Italian girls tend to get married later than women from other popular mail order bride countries. The average age of Italian women at first marriage is 32.8 years. In fact, in most cases, it’s not about economic reasons. According to the survey, most unmarried Italian girls (36.5%) haven’t found the right partner yet. In addition to that, many Italian women (31%) prefer cohabitation to marriage.

In Italy, women have to wait one year after a divorce to get married. When you go online to find Italian mail order brides, you want to make sure that your contact with them is legal. So, we suggest you only deal with legitimate Italian brides agency. Because of the increasing needs for hot Italian brides, many web-based agencies crop up claiming that you can meet Italian brides online at a low cost. During the wedding ceremony, the bride will toss a bouquet of flower and remove a garter. As the groom, you also need to give up a part of your wardrobe by removing your tie, cut it up into small pieces.